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What Challenges Do Cannabis Businesses Face In New Jersey?

Posted by on Aug 25, 2021

What Challenges Do Cannabis Businesses Face In New Jersey?

The previous decade witnessed some revolutionary reforms in the marijuana industry in the US. The nation has legalized the medical use of marijuana in most of its states; however, there are not many states when it comes to recreational usage of the drug. New Jersey, after witnessing a rising demand for the legalized status of cannabis for a long period, finally saw some hope when the government allowed users to keep up to six-ounce of it for recreational purposes. 

As soon as the decision came, New Jersey became one of the 14 states where people above 21 can legally consume cannabis. That being said, cannabis-based businesses are still far away from witnessing a smooth run in the state. Here are some of the challenges that they have to face before things get on track. 

Challenges For New Jersey Businesses:

Recently, the government signed three bills to permit the recreational use of marijuana in NJ along with easing out many penalties for possessing the drug by underage users. This decision is likely to give a boost to the cannabis market in the state. But things are not as clear as they seem on paper. According to reports, the state government is planning to regulate the entire cannabis industry so that it can live up to the public’s demand. This means that there are many new laws and regulations that will come into effect soon enough. At a time when the pandemic already has destroyed many businesses, this move is going to slow down the state-wide distribution of marijuana. 

While businesses are happy about the government’s decision to legalize one of the most in-demand drugs, they are worried about the new regulations that it plans to impose in the coming months. They believe that this move will delay the proceedings and won’t let the industry go through a bull run, as many were expecting for a long time. 

Amid this chaos, many cannabis distributors have already tied hands with for customized packaging in order to attract new users effortlessly.

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