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Wrong Site Surgeries: A Medical Mistake Patients Continue to Suffer From

Posted by on Jun 8, 2013

With the kind of discipline medical / health-care professionals undergo and the sensitivity of the cases involved in their practice, it would only be natural to trust them fully with regard to any health complaints that patients have. Thus, due to such trust, medical / health-care professionals are obliged to render only the best, immediate and correct care and service to their patients.

When speaking about best service, the term best simply suggests timely and effective treatment, correct medication and, most of all, accurate diagnosis – the primary duty of medical / health-care professionals.  Any kind of treatment and medication will always have the diagnosis as basis. Thus, wrong diagnosis can entail a serious medical mistake, which can severely harm the patient, make him or her suffer more, or cause his or her untimely death.

It is a sad fact that medical errors are real and that they cause a great number of patients to suffer more. What’s worse is that these mistakes are products of someone else’s carelessness or negligence: an erroneous lab result interpretation, wrong diagnostic tests or a mix-up in patients’ records – these are just some of the reasons that cause medical errors. Their effects, however, are nothing short of serious as these include wrong surgical procedure, wrong dosage of anesthesia, surgery on wrong site, performance of surgery on wrong patient and many others.

Doctors will decide to perform a surgery only when necessary. But imagine a doctor performing a surgery to correct a patient’s lazy eye, only to find out, after the operation has been easily and successfully done, that the operation was actually made on the wrong eye. There are many other cases of wrong site surgeries performed by surgeons, like removal of a healthy kidney from a male patient with kidney cancer, an operation made on a wrong finger, a wrong-site spinal surgery and so many others. In these cases, contacting a medical malpractice attorney in New Hampshire may help you with your case.

The effects these erroneous surgeries have on patients can be serious and patients should not be made to suffer the burden of these mistakes by themselves. Justice allows these patients to receive compensation from the liable party to enable them to afford the costly medical treatment that will hopefully help them recover.Medical Errors

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Nursing Home Neglect: A Clear Offense against Nursing Home Residents

Posted by on Jun 1, 2013

Nursing homes, sometimes called convalescent homes, are composed of people who have reached, or are nearing, their golden years, the mentally or physically disabled young adult or accident victims in need of regular therapy and rehabilitation. With the help of nursing home employees, nurses, and caregivers, medical care and assistance is provided to residents for many of their daily needs, such as toileting, bathing, and eating.

With thousands of nursing homes across the US and tens of thousands of residents with needs ranging from simple to really complicated, the number of staff and nurses is seldom enough. Often those hired lack adequate training, and are not fully knowledgeable on how to properly attend and respond to the needs of the residents. Thus, many residents are found wanting of proper care and sympathy either from exhausted and over-worked or untrained staff.

It’s sad to say, but nursing home abuse is a reality in the United States. In fact, thousands of resident elders are maltreated and abused each year, with so many more abuses being unreported due to fear and shame. The three types of abuses that are commonly committed in nursing homes are mental, financial and physical.

Mental abuse suffered by residents, include humiliation, verbal insults and outright denial of assistance, making them feel really helpless individuals. And while other residents get abused financially by losing some of their properties due to stealing, staffs forcing them to include the staff’s name in their will, many others suffer physical abuse, developing bedsores, infections, serious illness, malnutrition and dehydration in the process.

Nursing home neglect is a serious offense against the residents and their families who have put full their confidence in the capabilities of the staff and nurses. If ever you suspect any sign of neglect of your loved ones residing in nursing homes, make sure to inform the authorities, as well as hire a legal counsel who will be able to help you improve your loved one’s condition.

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