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How to Choose the Size of your Storage Unit

Posted by on Feb 1, 2015

When you choose a house to rent or buy, you think about how many people are going to live in it to determine what size you need. Typically, you look at how many bedrooms and bathrooms because that is where you will be spending most of your time at home. The same is true for storage units. You have to know what you are going to put in it before you choose the size you need.

As a rule of thumb, here are estimates on what you can put in standard sized units:

5 ft x 5 ft – Smallest Unit

This is about the size of a rather large hall closet. You can put in quite a few boxes plus small furniture you don’t use like a telephone table or a chest of drawers. You can probably fit in a two-seater couch but only if it less than 5 feet in length. If you are merely storing stuff your kids’ grew out of, this should be fine.

5 ft x 10 ft – Walk-in Closet

This is longer than it is deep, so you can put your regular-sized couch and chair or a dining set, plus a host of smaller boxes and items. This is actually quite a large space if you plan it right, enough to store most of what is in the typical living and dining room.

10 ft x 10 ft – One Bedroom Apartment

If you feel like keeping the stuff from your starter home but don’t have space for it in your new house, or just want it out of the way as you move in, this will do nicely. It will fit the contents of a standard one-bedroom apartment complete with refrigerator and washer-dryer.

10 ft x 15 ft – Two Bedroom Apartment

This is probably bigger than most apartments in the city! This will fit the contents of a standard two-bedroom apartment but probably not all major appliances. Again, it is all in the planning.

10 ft x 20 ft – largest unit

This is big enough to hold an RV, so if your stuff won’t all fit in it, then you really may have too much stuff!

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