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The Serious Harm Domestic Violence Inflicts on Children

Posted by on Nov 2, 2013

Domestic violence charges are a serious accusation that can be quite difficult to prove since even experts say that it is often founded only on an individual’s personal judgment. The United States Department of Justice defines domestic violence as a coercive or assaultive behavioral pattern that individuals use against their partners (in an intimate relationship) for the purpose of maintaining or gaining control and power over them. Such behavioral pattern is manifested through acts that hurt, frighten, humiliate, terrorize, threaten, isolate, and intimidate the other partner. Domestic violence, however, is not limited to physical (and sexual) abuse; these may also be economic, emotional or psychological abuses intended to crush one’s confidence, making him/her totally submissive and in fear of his/her partner.

Domestic violence or domestic abuse is one of the major social problems faced by non-governmental groups and government agencies in the United States; anyone can be a victim in domestic violence (just as anyone can be an abuser), regardless of education, socioeconomic background, religion, race, gender, and age (a great majority of the victims are women aged between 15 and 44).

Though the direct victims in domestic abuse are those who suffer the worst pains and injuries, other family members (especially children) are victimized too in the sense that they also are made to suffer emotionally and psychologically.

In fact, even the US Department of Justice fears that children who are regularly exposed to violence in their homes are at the greatest risk of seeing violence as part of life, something that they can never do away with and something that will turn them into future “abused” and “abusers.”

Records show that about five million women are abused by their intimate partners every year. Studies also show that the number of women injured in domestic violence is far higher than those injured due to rape, assault and motor vehicle accidents.

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